Taking the Risk out of Roses

“Why can’t I grow roses?”

We get this question in the spring and summer, especially when all the roses along the roads are in full bloom. It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you may be selecting the wrong variety for your location. If you want easy to grow roses, we have what you are looking for.
Some rose types require more upkeep than others and some hardly require anything at all. It has become a trend to purchase hardier, hybrid roses that have appealing habits. Some of these roses have beautiful, smaller double blooms and others are perfect for the sidewalk. There are more rose shrubs now than ever before and everybody should have one. Before looking at a few types, we should go over some basic hardy information.

Hardy vs Not Hardy Roses

The current USDA plant hardiness zone map places southern Minnesota in zone 4b. The further north you travel, the lower the zone number. A very small sliver of southern Minnesota is in 5a. What this means to you is that shrubs, such as roses, that are rated for zone 4 and lower are considered hardy. You can keep higher rated roses alive with more care, such as mulching and covering the roses to protect them in the wintertime.

Easy Elegance

Easily mistaken for grandma’s roses, this variety is a gorgeous addition to the garden. The best part is, you can brag about how beautiful it is without having to do all the work that an old-fashioned rose required. A large flower and reblooming habit (thanks to hybrid teas) make this rose stand out with its lush, glossy leaves. This shrub rose is disease resistant and tolerates both extreme cold and heat. No extensive pruning habits or elaborate covering techniques in the fall make care a breeze. Just pick a sunny spot in your garden where you can sit nearby and enjoy the prolific blooms.

  • Easy Elegance® roses
  • All the Rage’ Easy Elegance
  • ‘Kashmir’ Easy Elegance
  • Little Mischief’ Easy Elegance
  • High Voltage Rose
  • Kashmir Rose
  • Little Mischief Rose
  • Music Box Rose
  • Pinktopia Rose
  • Super Hero Rose
Drift® Groundcover Roses

These are a perfect blend of ground cover roses and miniatures. This shorter and wider rose shrub will not crowd other plants while maintain a long bloom season. These beautiful roses are hardy and disease resistant. Now you have no excuse not to bring this little beauty into your garden. They are perfect for walkways or a great outline to your established gardens. No need to worry about winter covers or special care.

Oso Easy Rose Series

If you are looking for fragrance and no maintenance, you have found your rose. This is a literal “take time to smell the roses” bush because you will not be concerned about applying chemicals and hunkering them down for the winter. Rich glossy foliage compliments the bright fragrant blooms so all you have to do is take the time to enjoy.

  • Oso Easy Cherry Pie
  • Oso Easy Fragrant Spreader
  • Oso Easy Honey Bun
  • Oso Easy Mango Salsa
  • Oso Easy Paprika
  • Oso Easy Peachy Cream
  • Oso Easy Strawberry Crush
Pavement Series Roses

Super hardy variety that are excellent for beds, ground cover, and borders. No need to cover them for the winter. In short, the maintenance-free roses everyone has been looking for. Best of all, they are fragrant, and repeat bloomers. Highly recommended for municipalities for use in parks or along roadways.

  • Dwarf Pavement
  • Foxi Pavement
  • Purple Paveme


Apply dry fertilizer in spring or just after planting and water in. For the best blooms, continue a fertilizing regimen of once a month. This is not required however.

Insect & Disease Control

In case your beloved roses ever do get attacked, we carry the products necessary to success of your shrub. Rose Rx 3-in-1 by Bonide is an all-natural insecticide, miticide and fungicide. We also have Bonide products that systemically protect your investment.


Remove the dead, damaged or branches that cross over each other. If you are seeking a certain shape, prune tips after danger of frost has passed. Typically, roses listed above need little to no pruning.


To encourage continued blooming, deadhead spent blooms throughout the season. To deadhead roses, cut spent flowers, along with the stem, down to the point where the next bud or leaf is developing on the stem. Deadheading encourages more blooms throughout the whole season.


To prevent diseases, keep the area around pavement roses neat and tidy. Discard dead leaves and other plant debris throughout the year.